prof. Petr Vašina, Ph. D.

Professor (Plasma Physics), Director of the DPE, Head of the Research Program of the CEPLANT RD Center.


doc. Pavel Souček, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Research and development of new types of materials, analysis of deposition process, preparation and analysis of coating for industrial partners

Jaroslav Hnilica, Ph.D.

Assistant professor

Space and time resolved diagostics of plasma. Study of plasma instabilities.

Richard Gaetan Paul Drevet, Ph.D.


Preparation and analysis of ceramic coatings

Tomasz Stasiak, Ph.D.


Research of coatings based on high-entropy alloys 

Peter Klein, Ph.D.


HiPIMS plasma diagnostic (OES, high-speed cameras, probes)

Jaroslav Ženíšek, Ph.D.


Ab-initio calculations of coating structure and properties

Matej Fekete, Ph.D.


Space and time resolved study of reactive HiPIMS process.


Sahand Behrangi, M.Sc.

Ph. D. student

Industrial deposition and characterization of ternary nitride thin films

Mgr. Katarína Bernátová

Ph. D. student

Study of reactive HiPIMS process and its application for ternary nitrides synthesis

Mgr. Stanislava Debnárová

Ph. D. student

Preparation and analysis of nanostructured protective coatings

Mgr. Michael Kroker

Ph. D. student

Synthesis and characterization of nanolaminate and DLC thin films.

Mgr. Marta Šlapanská

Ph. D. student

Study of ionization zones in HiPIMS plasma, plasma diagnostics (OES, MS, ICCD, probes).

Mgr. Maroš Polaček

Ph. D. student
Synthesis and characterization of X-B-C thin films