Alcatel SCM 650 upgrade

The Alcatel SCM 650 semi-industrial sputtering system has undergone a complete upgrade. The wiring and switchboard were fitted to meet the current safety standards and provide further upgradability in the future. The gas distribution, part of the vacuum system, and cooling system were equipped with new components to enable the complete computer control of the SCM 650. From start to finish, the work was kept in-house with people from the PVD Laboratory and some specialists who assisted with electrical design and control software development.

The sputtering system is now fully computer-controlled, including the high-voltage power supplies, and it packs several features that ensure safety for researchers and the system itself. New components enable continuous monitoring and recording of the process parameters and state of sputtering systems. The researcher thus can see and analyze the deposition process second by second and spot small changes in the parameters. Therefore, the plasma and the process can be kept stable, which is beneficial for the plasma diagnostic. In the coating development, the research can compare the process parameters between individual processes and see small nuances that may influence the prepared coatings' quality.

Check out photos from the rebuild in the gallery.