Conference: ICMCTF 2022

The International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films (ICMCTF) is traditionally held in San Diego, CA, USA at the end of May. This year the assoc. prof. Pavel Souček as the invited speaker presented a review of findings of the X-B-C systems. The metal-boron-carbide coatings are one of the research focuses of the PVD Laboratory, with a number of contributions ranging from ab-initio simulations to industrial deposition processes. M. Kroker, with his contribution, followed up in the same topical session, and the efforts of spokes diagnostics during HiPIMS presented M. Šlapanská.


  • P. Souček: Mapping the X-B-C Systems: Search for the Elusive X2BC Phase
  • M. Kroker: Industrial Deposition of W-B-C Coatings: Properties and Process Modelling
  • M. Šlapanská: Rotating spokes in reactive HiPIMS process measured by spatially resolved OES