Visit of prof. J.M. Schneider and Dr. Z. Czigány

Prof. Jochen M. Schneider, Ph.D. from RWTH Aachen University and Zsolt Czigány, Ph.D., DSc from Hungarian Academy of Sciences accepted our invitations and visited us at the beginning of December. Two lectures were given thanks to the INNOLEC programme and a workshop has been organized. Prof. Scheider talked about the prediction of coating properties base on ab-initio calculations and connecting these predictions to experimental research. Dr. Czigány explained the basics of transmission electron microscopy and showed us the most advanced applications of TEM imaging.

The main topic of the workshop was ternary X-B-C materials, their synthesis in the form of thin films. At the workshop were given several talks about DFT calculations, about connecting the experimental research with theoretical expectations, about the synthesis of W-B-C and Ta-B-C coatings, but also about quantitative measurements of fracture toughness.

INNOLEC lectures

  • prof. Jochen M. Schneider, Ph.D.: Are hard coatings predictable? - Lessons learned from studying phase formation, elastic properties, and fracture toughness
  • Zsolt Czigány, PhD, DSc: Transmission electron microscopy – From principles to applications



  • prof. Petr Vašina, PhD.: Introduction of CEPLANT
  • Saeed Mirzaei, MSc.: On the structure and mechanical properties of W-B-C coatings as a function of their chemical composition
  • Jaroslav Ženíšek, PhD.: QM calculations of W-B-C systems
  • Priv.-Doz. David Holec, PhD.: Ground properties of a-WBC
  • Mgr. Nikola Koutná: First principles evolutionary algorithms applied to W-B-C system
  • Jan-Ole Achenbach, M. Sc.: Structure and properties of XBC coatings with X = Mo, and Hf
  • Mgr. Stanislava Debnárová: Study of W-B-C thin films using a combinatory approach
  • Mgr. Katarína Bernátová: On the preparation of micropillars and microcantilevers for quantitative measurement of the fracture toughness of X-B-C coatings
  • Mgr. Michael Kroker: Multilayered WBC coatings prepared by non-reactive magnetron sputtering from single target
  • Mgr. Nikola Tulisová: Synthesis of TaBC coatings by pulsed magnetron sputtering
  • Mgr. Maroš Polaček: Synthesis of TaBC coatings by HIPIMS