Workshop: PSE Satellite 2020

In February 2020, Workshop on Plasma-Based Synthesis of Nanomaterials was held in Prague. This workshop is a satellite workshop to 17th International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering. Petr Vašina gave a lecture on the diagnostics of HiPIMS discharge. Pavel Souček talked about hard and fracture-resistant coatings based on metal, boron and carbon. Further, four posters about the diagnostics of deposition plasma were presented by members of our team.


  • P. Vašina: Evolution of ionization fraction of sputtered species in standard, multi-pulse and reactive HiPIMS
  • P. Souček: W-B-C Coatings Prepared by Magnetron Sputtering Utilizing Pulsed Plasma Excitation



  • J. Hnilica: Sputtered titanium species dynamics in HiPIMS
  • P. Klein: Behaviour of spokes in reactive HiPIMS
  • M. Fekete: Ionised density fraction of sputtered species in HiPIMS discharge excited in argon/acetylene gas mixture
  • K. Bernátová: Effect of nitrogen on sputtered species number densities evolution in reactive HiPIMS